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Shopify Setup Package

Hire a certified Shopify Partner to get your online store designed, built, and launched quickly and professionally.

What's included?

Our Shopify Website Package is designed to help you get your online store built quickly and professionally.

We first review your requirements and goals to ensure we can make your project a success.
Product Setup
Next, we help you import your products to Shopify, organize them into collections, and set up product options like weight, SKU, and SEO tags.
Store Configuration
We configure store options including shipping zones, email notifications, and other system settings.
Design Customizations
We help you select and customize a Shopify theme to match your business branding.
We launch your site and provide 30 days of support as you start generating sales and fulfulling orders.

"Dative is a great partner. Our new website is evidence of their practical and thoughtful approach to making the site attractive, easy to navigate and simple to use. We so appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach."

"They are great listeners and are able to take a multi-faceted request and turn it into a simple and straightforward reality. I highly recommend Dative, and I look forward to continuing to work with them."

Beth Odence, Design No. Five

How much does it cost?

How much would it cost you to spend weeks (or months) trying to figure it out yourself? Instead, you can have your online store designed and built quickly and professionally for $4,999.

Spring Special: $3,999 (Save 20% through 6/30/2020)

It's no secret that the future of commerce is online. Create your online store and start reaching new customers now!

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Schedule a no-risk consultation. We make sure that Shopify is the right platform for you, and that we can make your project a success – or we will recommend a platform or partner that is a better fit.

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